Philips PerfectDraft Machine & Glassware Bundle – £329.99

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Meet PerfectDraft, the revolutionary keg machine designed to enjoy draft beer at home!

  • Compact & sturdy – easily fits on kitchen counter or man cave
  • Over 45 kegs available
  • 10 perfectly poured pints per keg
  • Keeps your beer chilled to 3°C
  • Beer stays fresh in the machine for 30 days
  • Includes 2 Aviero glasses!
  • Limited supply – only 1 bundle per order
  • All orders are dispatched within 4 working days


About The PerfectDraft Keg Machine

The PerfectDraft machine pours perfectly cold draught beer, from tap, to enjoy with friends or to relax after a stressful day. Chills to 3°C and keeps the beer fresh and carbonated for 30 days, longer than any beer machine on the market! Sturdy with a real bar tap handle which fits perfectly in every kitchen, man cave or holiday house. This compact keg system will transform any ordinary kitchen into a home bar!

It’s incredibly easy to use: just plug in kegs for the perfect beer, no need for gas cylinders and the like. The LED display shows the temperature and the amount of beer left in the keg until you can try the next one. PerfectDraft is a reliable system and very economical to run taking very little cleaning required. The versatile keg machine is a perfect option whether you’re hosting a party, lounging at home on a Tuesday evening, or looking for the best gift for any beer lover!

PerfectDraft has over 40 beers available in real bar-grade metal kegs including the Belgian classics, American IPAs and German Weisen.