BPC 157/TB500 30ml (15mg EACH) – Injury Healing

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BPC 157/TB500 30ml (15mg EACH) Nasal Spray Bottle – £89.99


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You can use a nasal sprayer to administer BPC 157/TB500 to your research subject.

Please note that the nasal spray method is NOT as effective as the injection method,

however they are a viable alternative and users still achieve amazing results without injections.

This product is intended for research and medical purposes only, to be only used by trained professionals.

This mix of Tb500 & Bpc157 is clinically developed to boost maximum recovery as well as healing, joint flexibility, and also protection against injury. Tb500 & Bpc157 supercharges all-natural recovery and regenerative process, enabling optimum healing.

BPC-157 and TB-500, which both stimulate wound healing via various biological mechanisms, may have effects when used together, according to research.

In addition, fibroblasts regulate extracellular matrix production, effective in wound healing and relies on immune system cells. These cells must travel to the site of injury to do their job. The protein actin is essential for this type of movement, which is called migration.

In the actin regulation process, both BPC-157 and TB-500 play. To increase the production of actin, BPC-157 works at the gene level. To allow cell movement, TB-500, an actin-binding protein, helps sequester actin where it is most beneficial. Thus, each of these peptides works in conjunction to increase the quantity and function of actin. Which in turn speeds up the migration of fibroblasts as well as immune system cells into injured tissues.

In the healing process, both TB-500 and BPC-157 interact with growth hormones. Growing hormone receptors are increased in fibroblasts by BPC-157, extending their lifespan and increasing their ability to promote soft tissue regeneration. With TB-500, the extra growth hormone receptors won’t go to waste because the fibroblasts will have great actin stores to use their extended lifespans. Thus, BPC-157, a growth hormone secretion inducer, and TB5-00 work together to accelerate wound healing.